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Fisk Jubilee Singers - In Chronological Order Vol.2 - 1915-1920

01 Steal Away To Jesus   
02 Shout All Over God's Heaven   
03 Little David Play On Your Harp   
04 There Is A Light Shining For Me   
05 Swing Low, Sweet Chariot   
06 In The Great Getting' Up Mawnin'   
07 River Of Jordan   
08 O Mary, Don't You Weep, Don't You Mourn   
09 Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray   
10 The Great Camp Meeting   
11 Brethren Rise!   
12 Good News, The Chariot's Coming   
13 Most Done Traveling   
14 Oh! Reign Massa Jesus Reign   
15 I Know I Have Another Building   
16 I Want To Be Ready   
17 Roll Jordan Roll   
18 I Know The Lord Has Laid His Hands On Me   
19 Ezekiel Saw De Wheel   
20 You're Going To Reap What You Sow   
21 Give 'Way Jordan   
22 You Hear The Lambs A-Cryin'
23 I Ain't Going To Study War No More   
24 My Soul Is A Witness

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