sábado, 23 de abril de 2011

The Bells Of Joy - The Collection 1951-1954

01 I'll Work Lord   
02 Let's Talk About Jesus   
03 He's My Friend   
04 Stop Right Now It's Praying Time   
05 Echoes From Heaven   
06 Leak In This Old Building   
07 How Sweet It Is   
08 I'm Gonna Press On
09 Never Let It Be Too Late   
10 Well Well No No No   
11 It Will Soon Be Over   
12 Since Jesus Changed This Heart Of Mine   
13 Do Lord Remember Me
14 Every Day And Every Hour   
15 Fare Ye Well   
16 Glory Be To God
17 No More Sorrow
18 The Lord And I   
19 There's A Hand Leading Me   
20 When My Savior Comes

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