sábado, 16 de abril de 2011

The Zion Travelers - The Dootone Masters

01 (We'll Understand It Better) Bye And Bye   
02 Down By The River
03 Packing Up       
04 Every Time I Feel The Spirit       
05 I Dreamed Of A City
06 Jesus Said       
07 I Want To Go To Heaven And Rest   
08 The Blood   
09 I Must Tell Jesus   
10 God I'll Live   
11 Even Me
12 I've Started   
13 Two Little Fishes   
14 The Death Of Jesus   
15 Close To Thee   
16 Am I A Soldier Of The Cross?   
17 Since He Lightened My Heavy Load   
18 I Won't Have To Cross Jordan Alone   
19 Just A Little Talk With Jesus   
20 Lord Hold My Hand

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