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V/A - Black Vocal Groups Vol. 9 - Complete Recorded Works & Supplementes 1929-1942

01 P.C.Johnson and his Singers (1929) Roll, roll chariot
02 We are climbing Jacob`s ladder
03 Hail, hail, hail
04 My Lord delivered Daniel
05 Four Wanderers (1929) Farmer`s life for me
06 I ain`t got nothing to lose
07 You`se my lady love
08 Street urchin`
09 Preaching of the elder
10 In my father`s house
11 Deep River Plantation Singers (1931) Roll, Jordan, roll
12 Dixie Symphony Four (c.mid-1930s) Swanee River
13 Little David play on your harp
14 Good news, the chariot`s coming
15 Leaning on the Lord
16 Swing low, sweet chariot
17 Sweet Kentucky babe
18 Plantation Singers (1939) Ride up in the chariot
19 Good news
20 Glory Glory Hallelujah
21 I wanna go to heav`n
22 Morris Brown Quartet (1940) You got to walk that lonesome valley
23 Rock of ages
24 Silvertone Quartet (c.1940) I don`t know what I`d do without the Lord
25 Three Gospel Tones (c.1940) I just can`t keep it to myself alone
26 He knows how much we can bear
27 Royal Harmony Quartet (c.1942) (We`ll be singing Hallelujah) marching through Berlin
28 Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition

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