quarta-feira, 11 de março de 2009

Kings Heralds Collection - CD Still Still With Thee - Vol. 2 [1949/ 1961]

Ouça agora a faixa "Climbing Up the Mountain".

01 Old Time Religion
02 Tenderly He Watches Over You
03 Still Still With Thee
04 You'd Better Mind
05 No Man Is An Island
06 Deep River
07 In His Hand
08 If We Ever Needed the Lord Before
09 Holy Holy Holy
10 You May Have the Joybells
11 Go Tell It On the Mountain
12 Lost in the Night
13 Lead Me Gently Home Father
14 Give Me Oil in my Lamp
15 What Did He Do
16 We Worship Thee
17 Climbin'up the Mountain
18 God So Loved the World

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