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V/A Black Vocal Groups - Vol. 8 [1926-1935]

01 Second Baptist Church Trio (1927) He`ll fix it all
02 Just want to be there in time
03 The Second Zion Four (1929) Are we on flowery beds of ease
04 Praise him shining angels
05 Trust in God
06 Lucy Smith Jubilee Singers (1928) There was no room at the hotel
07 Seeking for me
08 Southern Plantation Singers (1928) De` bones gwine rise again
09 My Lord delivered Daniel
10 Get on board little children
11 Throw out the lifeline
12 Southern University Quartet (1935) I`m troubled in mind
13 Let the church roll on
14 Wesley female quartet
15 Trio (1926) Reign massa Jesus, reign
16 Every time I feel de spirit
17 West Virginia collegiate singers (1927) I`m so glad trouble don`t last always
18 Ezekiel saw the wheel
19 Walk to Jerusalem just like John
20 Shout all over God`s heav`n
21 Peter on the sea
22 Oh! mary don`t you weep

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