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V/A Black Vocal Groups - Vol. 4 [1927-1941]

01 ernia mae cunningham (1927)sign of judgment
02 You better run (take 1)
03 In the presence of the Lord
04 Sinner don`t let dis harvest pass
05 Davis Bible Singers (1929) Do you want to be a lover of the Lord?
06 Daniel saw the stone
07 Diamond Four (1933) Sleep on, mother
08 Paul and Silas
09 Fa Sol La Singers (1931) Happy on the way
10 Rejoicing on the way
11 Jesus walk with me
12 I`ll stay on the right road now
13 Fairview Jubilee Quartette (1930) One day when I was walking
14 Them bones walking around
15 Didn`t it rain?
16 Sleep on mother
17 Famous Jubilee Singers(1927) Wait till I put on my robe
18 There`s no hiding place
19 Famous Myers Jubilee Singers (1928) Ezekiel prophesied to the dry bones
20 He locked the lion`s jaw
21 Five Soul Stirrers of Houston (1939) Walk around
22 He`s my rock
23 Precious Lord
24 Freedom after awhile

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