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V/A Atlanta GA. Gospel 1923-1931 [Document Records]

01 Morehouse College Quartet (1923) Swing low, sweet chariot
02 Down by the riverside
03 Rev. C. D. Montgomery(1925) Who was Job? part 1 (take 1)
04 Who was Job? part 2
05 The Thankful Quartette (1927) Let the church roll on
06 Goin` to shout all over God`s heaven
07 I`m troubled Lord I`m troubled
08 He took my sins away
09 Deacon w. h. gallamore (1929) Hell is God`s chain gang
10 Hide me over in the rock of ages
11 In my dying room
12 Just had to tell it
13 Independent Quartet (1929) Let the church roll on
14 In the bible there`s a story
15 Progressive Four (1930) Ding dong bells
16 New name
17 Beautiful land
18 Middle Georgia Singing Convention No.1 (1930) We`ll reap what we sow
19 I walk with Jesus
20 This song of love
21 I am going home
22 Bells of love
23 Walking with my king
24 James Brothers Quartet (1931) Ii`m in my saviour`s care
25 Ain`t it a shame?

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