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V/A - Gospel Vol. 2 Vocal Quartets 1921-1942

CD 1
01 Wonder where the gambling man    Norfolk Jubilee Quartet    
02 I hope i may join the band    Norfolk Jubilee Quartet    
03 I want god s bosom to be mine    Birmingham Jubilee Singers    
04 Everytime i feel the spirit    Bryant S   
05 So high    St Mark S Chanters
06 Go down moses    Cotton Belt Quartet
07 Climbing jacob s ladder    Bessemer
08 Will the circle be unbroken    Silver Leaf Quartet    
09 Light of the world    Dunham Jubilee Singers
10 I dreamed of the judgement morning    Dunham Jubilee Singers    
11 Praise him shining angels    Second Zion Four    
12 Brother jonah    Famous Blue Jay Singers    
13 Them bones    Ristian Singers    
14 I m praying humble    Mitchell S Christian Singers    
15 Didn t it rain    Norfolk Jubilee Quartet    
16 Lead me to the rock    Heavenly Gospel Singers    
17 Handwriting on the wall    Heavenly Gospel Singers    
18 When the gates swing open    Heavenly Gospel Singers
CD 2  
01 Walk in the light    Heavenly Gospel Singers    
02 Cheer the weary traveler    Heavenly Gospel Singers    
03 Pure religion    Golden Gate Quartet    
04 When they ring the golden bells    Golden Gate Quartet    
05 Take my hand (precious lord)    Mitchell S Christian Singers    
06 Have you heard about the world    Alphabetical Four    
07 He knows just how much we can bear    Selah Jubilee Singers    
08 I saw the light    Selah Jubilee Singers
09 I am his care    Gospel Light Jubilee Singers
10 I looked down the line    Dixie Hummingbirds    
11 My lord is writting all the time    Heavenly Gospel Singers
12 Shady green pastures    Wright Brothers Gospel Singers
13 He never said a mumblin wolrd    Golden Gate Quartet
14 Toll the bells easy    Golden Gate Quartet
15 King jesus knows am coming    White Josh   
16 Ezekiel saw the wheel    Charioteers    
17 One day when the lord will call me    Southern Sons     0
18 Lift every voice and sing    Southern Sons

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