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Alphabetical Four - Complete Recorded Works [1938-1943]

 01 Precious Lord, Hold My Hand           
02 When the Moon Goes Down in the Valley of Time           
03 Get on Board, Little Children            
04 What a Friend We Have in Jesus           
05 My Mother's Prayers Have Fallowed Me           
06 Live Humble           
07 I Want Two Wings to Veil My Face           
08 The Old Ark's A-Moverin'           
09 He Was Nailed to the Cross           
10 Will the Circle Be Unbroken           
11 Go Down Jonah and Serve the Lord           
12 Go Where I Send Thee See            
13 Rock My Soul           
14 Do Not Pass Me By           
15 Noah, God Is Gonna Ride on the Rainy Tide           
16 The Book of the Seven Seals           
17 He Sees All We Do and Hears All We Say           
18 I Don't Care Where They Bury My Body           
19 Have You Heard About the World Comming to an End           
20 Shake My Mother's Hand for Me           
21 We Will Understand It Better Bye and Bye           
22 I Can't Feel at Home in This World Anymore           
23 Sleep on, Darling Mother           
24 I Just Can't Help from Crying Sometimes           
25 Shepherd Go Feed My Sheep           
26 The Valley of Time           
27 I'm Gonna Walk Right in and Make Myself at Home See        
28 The Sun Didn't Shine 

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